Biochemistry of Metabolism

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Molecular Biochemistry I:

Sugars & Polysaccharides  
Lipids & Membranes 
Membrane Transport  
K+ Channels
Calcium Signals 
Signal Transduction 
Glycolysis & Fermentation 
Glycogen Metabolism 
Krebs Cycle 
Electron Transfer Chain 
Chemiosmotic Coupling 
F1Fo ATPase  

Molecular Biochemistry II:
Pentose Phosphate Pathway
Calvin Cycle 
Fatty acid catabolism 
Fatty acid synthesis 
Eicosanoid synthesis
Cholesterol synthesis 
Amino acid catabolism - N 
Amino acid catabolism - C

Heme synthesis 
tRNA and ribosomes 
Protein synthesis  
Protein degradation  

Cellular Biochemistry:
Actin cytoskeleton  
Microtubule motors 

Review: Basic Concepts
of Protein Structure


Biochemical Simulations
Tutorial by H. Roy
exploring concepts of
enzyme kinetics

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